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Strawberry Syrup

Brand: Chill Medicated

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  • Description

    Are you seeking a way to drift off peacefully? If yes, choosing our CBD strawberry syrup is the right decision. The hand-crafted strawberry-flavored syrup is infused with pure organic CBD. It not only improves sleep quality and duration but also offers all those benefits related to pain, stress, and anxiety. 

    The use of natural herbs and essential ingredients makes our syrup more potent in terms of health benefits. Ingesting the strawberry CBD syrup consistently can lead to happier and more productive lives. So, try out the great taste and therapeutic benefits of strawberry tincture syrup! 

    Key Features of CBD Strawberry Syrup

    Here is a list of key features of CBD strawberry tincture syrup: 

    1. Delicious Strawberry Flavor

    Our CBD-infused syrup is made with delicious strawberry flavors. You can satisfy your taste buds with the luscious and refreshing taste of ripe strawberries. So, you'll feel more refreshed and calmer with each sip.   

    2. Premium Quality CBD Extract

    To give you an authentic experience, our in-house skilled hands of experts carefully extract the best-quality CBD from hemp plants. Thus, we make sure to provide pure and potent strawberry syrup for drinks. 

    3. Fast Activation

    Our CBD syrup is designed with nano-technology that ensures fast activation. After ingestion, you can feel cannabidiol's effects in as little as 15 minutes to an hour. Sip, wait for it to kick in, and relax with our Chill Strawberry CBD syrup. 

    4. All Natural Ingredients

    The syrup we offer is made with natural ingredients. You’ll find no GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients. Besides, the premium CBD-infused strawberry chill syrup is free from artificial food additives so that you don’t experience any side effects such as stomach upset, or nervous disorders. 

    5. COA Analysis Certificate 

    We are devoted to transparency as a CBD manufacturer. We will ensure that you receive the COA analysis certificate when you purchase our CBD strawberry-flavored syrup. After testing our syrup, a third-party laboratory issued this document. It includes vital details like as quality standards, purity, potency, CBD content, THC concentration, and other necessary information. 

    6. Portable

    We created our CBD syrup product to be portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. The 120ML, 4FL OZ portable bottle takes up tiny space in your travel suitcase but provides the most relaxing and peaceful experience when you need it the most.    

    Want to try our CBD-infused strawberry syrup with your favorite drinks or beverages? Select the product and Order Now! If you don't like strawberry flavor, we have plenty of other options for you. Try our Watermelon CBD Syrup or Grape CBD Syrup!

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    Benefits of Strawberry CBD Syrup  

    Here are some common benefits you will get from our CBD and strawberry infused syrup drinks: 

    • Helps with Insomnia: You don’t have to wrestle with sleep disorders and restless nights. Ingesting our delicious cannabidiol strawberry syrup can ease your mind and body and help you fall asleep faster. 
    • Treats Inflammation and Arthritis Pain: Scientific research has already revealed that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.1 If you’re one of those who is seeking relief from arthritis or inflammation-related pain, try our CBD syrup to relieve pain.      
    • Mood Booster: You don’t have to take dull and tasteless conventional medicines anymore to boost your mood. The delightful flavors and soothing effects of CBD-infused strawberry syrup can easily enter the bloodstream and interact with the ECS system which promotes a positive shift in mood.  
    • Relaxation and Stress Relief: You’ll find serenity and peace after consuming CBD strawberry syrup drinks. Many people have used our syrup to stimulate a sense of relaxation and calmness. And guess what? Most of them gave us positive feedback. 
    • Convenient Dosing: We’ve manufactured 2500mg of CBD per 120ML bottle. Each drop of CBD syrup strawberry tincture contains 1.10 milligrams of CBD. If your body weight and metabolism need a high amount of CBD content, just increase the number of drops accordingly. 


    Here are some directions you should consider when you decide to take CBD syrups strawberry: 

    1. Just like any other tincture syrup, shake the bottle well before use. 

    2. Hold the syrup under your tongue and wait for 60 seconds. It allows the CBD to absorb through the mucous membrane. 

    3. Pay attention to your body’s responses to the initial doses.  

    4. Use your favorite drink, a glass of water, or lime soda, and add CBD syrup to it.

    Storage Recommendations

    1. Always store the CBD syrup bottle away from sunlight or direct heat. 
    2. Ensure the bottle is tightly closed/airtight.  
    3. Avoid refrigeration. Instead keep it in a cool, and dry place.  

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