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Grape Syrup

Brand: Chill Medicated

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  • Description

    Do you feel lethargic every morning due to sleep trouble? Or struggling with sore muscles or joint pain? If yes, add our potent CBD grape syrup to your daily routine and live an active and pain-free day.

    Our Grape CBD syrup is made with pure CBD extract and high-quality natural ingredients and flavors. The syrup doesn’t taste like conventional medicine, so you can conveniently drink it by mixing it with your favorite drinks. The appealing taste of ripe grapes and the therapeutic benefits of this powerful natural medicine will surely add happier moments to your life. 

    Key Features of CBD Grape Syrup

    Here is a list of key features of our grape CBD drink: 

    1. Delicious Grape Flavor

    Now you don’t have to take boring pills or tasteless traditional medicine anymore. You can experience a delightful taste blended with tropical, sweet, and tart notes. This edible CBD syrup is carefully crafted for those seeking the benefits of CBD without compromising on taste. Can’t wait to try it out? Grab it now! If the grape isn’t your kind of flavor, then try our watermelon CBD syrup! 

    2. Strong and Fast-Acting

    Our syrup has a powerful dose of 2500mg of CBD per bottle and is made with advanced nanotechnology. Its exceptional bioavailability rate ensures fast absorption. This grape tincture syrup immediately enters your bloodstream due to its fast-acting formula. Therefore, you don’t have to wait all day to feel the positive effects.  

    3. Quality Ingredients

    We use all the natural ingredients such as pure hemp-derived CBD extract, grape flavor, sweeteners, powerful herbs, essential oil, and safe preservatives. These ingredients make sure our CBD-infused grape syrup provides a mouthwatering taste and desired effects. 

    4. Lab Tested for Purity

    We believe in transparency. That’s why we provide lab reports to our esteemed customers that contain the quantifiable number on to level of CBD and THC concentration. Also, rigorous testing ensures that our cannabidiol syrup is pure, potent, and free from all the contaminants. 

    5.  Made in the USA

    All the CBD-infused flavorsome syrup is crafted right here in the United States. It ensures our syrup meets high-quality standards and provides you with a product you can trust. 

    6. Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Apart from manufacturing and selling CBD products, we strongly maintain ethical business practices. So, we are assured of the quality of our product and guarantee your satisfaction. 

    Want to give our grape syrup a try? Buy Today! Don’t love this flavor? You can try our Sour Apple CBD Syrup.

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    Benefits of Grape Flavored CBD Syrup

    Here are common benefits you’ll enjoy by taking our grape CBD syrup: 

    • Pain Relief: The CBD-infused syrup is prepared in such a way that provides effective relief from various types of chronic pain, such as arthritis, neuropathic pain, back pain, and so on. The potential analgesic properties of our pure CBD extract give relief from everyday aches, soreness, and muscular tension. 
    • Enhanced Cognitive Function: You can experience a mental boost as our grape CBD tincture syrup can improve the brain’s response to serotonin (a feel-good chemical). Therefore, drinking this potent syrup allows you to enjoy improved clarity, focus, and mental sharpness. 
    • Increased Energy Levels: It's normal to feel tired and sluggish in today's busy world. Our grape syrup with cannabidiol in it can have effects on your body for up to 8 hours. This can influence how the ECS system controls the sleep-wake cycle and finally gives you increased energy throughout the day.  
    • Antioxidant Properties: Apart from pain relief, and energy, our CBD syrup offers the potential benefits of antioxidants. These compounds can fight against oxidative stress (imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants) in the body. 
    • Sleep Aid: The most popular benefit of our CBD grape syrup in supporting restful night’s sleep. Taking 1 or 2 tablespoons of CBD syrup before bedtime can help ease anxiety and stress and give you a calm and relaxed state. This will ensure you fall asleep quickly and wake up in a fresh mood. 


    Here are some guidelines you might find useful if you’re planning to take CBD grape-flavored syrup: 
    1. Pick out your favorite drinks and put them in a glass.  
    2. Add Ice cubes for a cool and refreshing feeling.   
    3. Shake the syrup bottle before use.  
    4. Take 1 or 2 tablespoons or 5 to 10ml of grape CBD syrup tincture. 
    5. Mix it with the drinks for even distribution of syrup. 
    6. Drink, enjoy, and feel good.  

    Note: you can make your own recipe with our grape-flavored cannabidiol syrup according to your taste and preference. Just remember to take the right doses that are suitable for your body. 

    Storage Recommendations

    1. Store the syrup bottle in a cool and dry place where sunlight or excessive can’t enter.  

    2. To maintain purity and potency, ensure the bottle is tightly closed.  

    3. Keep the syrup away from children and pets.  


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